Signal Transduction Trainers

The graduate faculty and a brief statement of their research interests are listed below. Many of these individual research programs are funded by awards from a variety of funding resources. Inquiries regarding space in a laboratory and availability of research support should be directed to the individual faculty member.

Portrait of Caroline Alexander, PhD
Research Summary: Mammary stem cells; Mouse mammary tumor models; Wnt signaling; Syndecan-1
Portrait of B. Lynn Allen-Hoffmann, PhD
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Research Summary: Keratinocytes; cancer biology; extracellular matrices
Research Summary: Molecular genetics of type 2 diabetes
Portrait of Craig S. Atwood, PhD
Research Summary: Aging; endocrinology; development; degenerative diseases of the central nervous system
Portrait of Emery Bresnick, PhD
Cell and Regenerative Biology
Research Summary: Stem Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Molecular Hematology, Vascular Biology, Cancer Biology: From Fundamental Mechanisms to Translational Medicine
Portrait of Karl W. Broman, PhD
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Research Summary: Statistics and statistical genetics
Portrait of Wade Bushman, MD, PhD
Research Summary: Hedgehog signaling in prostate development and prostate cancer; role of inflammatory signaling in regenerative-repair, hyperplasia and neoplasia; Role of prostate inflammation in producing prostate obstruction and changes in bladder function
Portrait of Joshua Coon, PhD
Research Summary: Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Systems Biology, Mass Spectrometry, Proteomics
Portrait of Arjang Djamali, MD
Research Summary: The cellular and molecular mechanisms of fibrogenesis in native and transplant kidney disease
Portrait of Feyza Engin, PhD
Biomolecular Chemistry
Research Summary: Type 1 diabetes (T1D) results from the destruction of the insulin-secreting b-cells by an immune mediated process. The increasing incidence of type 1 diabetes around the word, especially among children, has been of great concern.
Portrait of Andreas Friedl, MD
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Research Summary: Tumor-stroma interactions; heparan sulfate proteoglycans in cancer.
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Portrait of Ying Ge, PhD
Cell and Regenerative Biology
Research Summary: Cardiovascular Systems Biology through High-resolution Mass Spectrometry-based Comparative Proteomics and Metabolomics
Portrait of Daniel S. Greenspan, PhD
Cell and Regenerative Biology
Research Summary: Extracellular modulators of cellular behaviors in development, homeostasis, and disease
Portrait of Lian-Wang Guo, MS, PhD
Research Summary: Mechanisms of restenosis, proliferation and inflammation, retinal neurodegeneration and regeneration, neural progenitor/stem cells.
Cell and Regenerative Biology
Research Summary: The capacity for complex tissue regeneration is unevenly distributed across species. Unlike human, zebrafish possess a remarkable potential to regenerate tissues such as amputated appendages and damaged heart muscles. Interest of my laboratory is to understand how and what genetic and epigenetic factors control tissue regeneration using adult zebrafish as a model system.
Portrait of Michelle E. Kimple, PhD
Research Summary: Guanine Nucleotide Binding Proteins, pancreatic beta-cell biology, insulin secretion, diabetes pathophysiology
Comparative Biosciences
Research Summary: Physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms underlying blood pressure regulation and hypertension. Fetal origins of hypertension and diabetes. Sex differences in vascular and metabolic function.
Portrait of Dudley Lamming, PhD
Research Summary: The Lamming laboratory's goal is to understand how nutrient-responsive signaling pathways can be harnessed to promote health and longevity.
Portrait of Youngsook Lee, PhD
Cell and Regenerative Biology
Research Summary: Transcriptional control of normal cardiovascular development and function
Portrait of Bo Liu, PhD
Research Summary: Vascular diseases, cell apoptosis, inflammation, signaling, adult progenitor cells, gene therapy
Cell and Regenerative Biology
Research Summary: Cardiac regeneration, Transcriptional control of cardiomyocyte cell cycle, Nerve regulation of heart regeneration
Portrait of Deane Mosher, MD
Biomolecular Chemistry
Research Summary: Extracellular matrix; cell adhesion
Portrait of Donna Peters, PhD
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Research Summary: Cell-matrix signaling in the human eye; glaucoma
Portrait of Alan C. Rapraeger, PhD
Human Oncology
Research Summary: Cell surface proteoglycans, heparin-binding growth factors
Comparative Biosciences
Research Summary: Regulation of Neural Stem Cells in Disorders of Myelination
Research Summary: Molecular regulation of the coagulation serine proteases; novel therapeutic targets for antithrombotic therapy; mechanisms for hormone-induced and cancer-associated thrombosis.
Portrait of Nader Sheibani, PhD
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Research Summary: The role of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in vascular development and neovascularization
Portrait of Rupa Sridharan, PhD
Cell and Regenerative Biology
Research Summary: Stem Cell Biology, Epigenetics of cell fate change, Induced Pluripotent Stem cells.
Portrait of John Svaren, PhD
Comparative Biosciences
Research Summary: Role of EGR and NAB proteins in peripheral nerve myelination; genomic analysis of physiological regulation; role of chromatin structure in gene regulation
Comparative Biosciences
Research Summary: • Regulation of microglial gene transcription • Microglial signal transduction mechanisms in paradigms of hypoxia • Epigenetic modulation of microglial phenotypes • Sex differences in microglial responses in chronic neuroinflammatory disease
Pathobiological Sciences
Research Summary: Host-parasite interactions; Vector-borne parasites; Molecular helminthology; Parasite genomics; Drug discovery; Drug resistance; Receptor biology;
Portrait of Weixiong Zhong, MD, PhD
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Research Summary: Oxidative stress and redox regulation in carcinogenesis and cancer chemoprevention