Welcome to the Cellular & Molecular Pathology Graduate Program!

Our mission is to train students for careers as independent investigators and teachers with a focus on basic cellular and molecular mechanisms of human disease. In the CMP Program, you will be working towards a PhD under a major advisor in one of the following focus groups:

CMP Quick Stats
Statistic Value
Applicants 114
Interview Invites 18
Incoming class (avg):
size 8
GPA 3.53
Faculty Trainers 92
Graduate Students 52


CMP Statistics and Program Strengths

  • The University of Wisconsin–Madison ranks Madison, WI as one of the top 20 science cities in the world.
  • Over 90 Faculty trainers with research programs in Immunopathology, Cancer Biology, Neuropathology, and Signal Transduction spanning 24 departments.
  • NIH T32 supported training program
  • Focus Groups in Cancer Biology, Immunopathology, Neuropathology, and Signal Transduction
  • Leadership opportunities in program committees
  • State-of-the-art research facilities available to students
  • Students Eligible for Advanced Opportunity Fellowships = 14 or 27%